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Welcome to the Official page of AIVIME - The International Brass Academy.

On this page we offer Online Courses - Videos, Online Private Classes, Webinars and free resources to facilitate your learning through innovative and entertaining didactic methods applied to brass instruments.

We are currently in the process of Publishing our Online courses and other materials, but due to the emergency of COVID-19 we have opened our website to offer online teaching services through private classes for all levels (elementary, intermediate, higher, professional and amateur) with professional musicians so that you can receive help, guidance and advice from some of the best pedagogues in the field.

Online Private Classes with Metal Wind teachers.
Tuba, euphonium, trombone, trumpet and horn.

Below you can see a list of teachers who offer this online service through Zoom or other similar applications. You can see their resumes by clicking on the button to see CV of each one of them.
If you want to book a class online you can use the calendar that you will find after the photos and CV of the teachers. 

We also invite you to read the frequently asked questions as there you will find information of interest about the Online Private Lesson system.

List of Professors

Listed in alphabetical order

Trumpet teachers

Abraham Cuperio

Adam Delgado

Conrado Gastaldo

Luis Gonzalez

Salvador Ibanez

Raul Junquera

Ruben Marquis

Vicente Oliver

Vicente Olmos

Ruben Simeó

Natural trumpet teachers

Ricard Casañ Dolz

French horn teachers

Batiste Bernat

Juan M. Gomez

Manuel Járrega

Juan Jose Llimerá

Carmelo Romaguera

Maria Rubio

Trombone Teachers

Javier Cerveró

Felix garcia

Elies hernandis

Álvaro Martínez

MrDomingo Pagliuca

Jose A. Paniagua

Juan Manuel Real

Salvador Tarrasó

Alberto Urretxo

Vicente Veses

Bass Trombone Teachers

Vicente Enrique Boix

Raúl García

Jose Isla

Euphonium teachers

David Abellán

Josep Burguera

Eduardo Diz

Ignacio Fernández

Juanjo Munera

Jose Alberto Paniagua

Tuba teachers

Oscar Abella

Thomas Alemany

Sergio Carolino

Javier Castano

Manuel Davila

Pablo Fernández

Sergio Finca

Miguel Moreno

Eduardo Nogueroles

Sergio Rey

Eros Sabbatani

Mario Torrijo

Tuba Jazz Teachers

MrPray Marshall

Jose Luis Martin

Serpentón and Figle teachers

Oscar Abella

Sacabuche teachers

Elies hernandis

Álvaro Martínez

Didgeridoo and circular breathing teachers

Iban Nikolai

Thomas Carro

Pedro Martín


Each teacher sets the prices for their classes, so there is NO single price per class, for that reason you will find that there are teachers who offer their classes more expensive than others. You have to take into account that there are two types of class: Standard and Professional. 

There are two class formats in terms of duration and complexity

Classes of 1h standard (Elementary and Middle Level) or 1h and 30 '(Higher Level)

The class dynamics are usually the following:
1 - Before class, the student must record one or more videos of a maximum duration of 4 minutes each with their mobile or camera (up to 3 videos). The videos should NOT be sent to the Academy or the teacher, the student must store them on their computer or cloud in case they are required by the teacher.
2 - The classes are held through ZOOM. The teacher sends the student an invitation by email a few minutes before class.
3 - At the beginning of the class, the teacher and the student visualize and analyze together the VIDEOS proposed by the student. To view the videos, the student must show them to the teacher using the screen sharing option.
4 - Subsequently, a brief imitation WARM-UP is carried out proposed by the teacher.
5 - Finally, the specific work of STUDIES, WORKS, ORCHESTRA REPERTORY, etc. is developed. proposed by the student for the class. We recommend that the student agree on the aspects that he would like to cover in class beforehand in order to make the most of the time. For this, fields have been enabled within the reservation and contact forms so that the student can express their interests.

Within the time reservation you have an observations field. In this field you can put the subject of your classes so that the teacher knows in advance what you are going to work in the class and thus be able to make the most of the time.

Of course, as long as you notify the teacher at least two days in advance. To do this, you must write an email to indicating your name, teacher with whom you had contracted the service, day and time of the class. You will receive a confirmation by mail of your cancellation and you will be paid the amount in advance deducting the expenses generated by the return by paypal. These expenses are approximately 4% of the transferred amount plus 0,39 fixed commission.

You can also cancel the class and change it for another day. In this case the procedure is similar to the previous one. Write an email to and communicate what day and time of the available ones you are interested in. Check that it is free in the calendar before requesting it. As soon as the new reservation becomes effective you will have a notification by email.

- Teacher videos -

If you want to know more about our teachers, we bring you their work.

Eros Sabbatani

Alberto Urretxo

Advanced Circular Breathing

- Online School -

Soon we will have available online tuba and euphonium courses from the International School of Metal Wind. You can see the following videos where you can see the methodology.

Tuba Online Course
4 different levels
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Euphonium Online Course
4 different levels
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Trumpet Online Course
4 different levels
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French Horn Online Course
4 different levels
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Trombone Online Course
4 different levels
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Online Yoga Course for musicians
Enjoy yoga to improve your practice
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Didgeridoo Online Course
Discover how the didgeridoo can broaden your technical horizons in brasswind
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